My Mission

I coach brain injury survivors through their recovery process. I give them hope that they can and will improve.

As a fellow Brain Injury survivor, I know how hard it is to visualize a positive road ahead. Coaching will help you move forward to a new life of meaning and purpose.

My mission is to help you be the best that you can be!



NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! Our amazing brains continually change and “rewire”. Learn the ESSENTIAL lifestyle changes you can make immediately that will enable your brain to rewire appropriately.



A Brain Injury changes almost everything. You may have to learn how to reconnect with all areas of your world.



When will I return to normal? How do I get my life back? You have not lost your life. You have changed. There is a big difference. Let’s work together to discover and create this “new you”. Let’s reimagine a new vision for your future.

It’s Time to Get Your Life Back

My customized program for you includes:

  1. Complimentary 30 minute Assessment/Strategy Session

  2. One-to-one coaching sessions

  3. Access to a personal and confidential website to allow:

    • -support in-between coaching sessions;

    • -sending me confirmation of your progress;

    • -sharing resources with you;

    • -journaling your progress, "a-ha" moments, celebrations and challenges.